Wandering in Wyoming
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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This has already been a magical summer for my tiny 3 person (one pup) Riley crew- but the last seven days have made it not just magical, but enchanted. There is something about fresh mountain air, the smell of fire on your sweatshirt, laughter bouncing through the thin walls of hotel rooms and the taste of a delicious s'more (or huckleberry margarita!), that simply makes every worry in the world melt away. If you add to that a 14 person Riley clan who dotes on your daughter and makes you smile every second of the day, you literally have a recipe for an unforgettable, MORE than enchanted journey! 

I wish that little Smiley Sedona could lock the memories of this trip away and revisit them whenever she is a hormonal teenager and feeling blue- but since she is 10 months old and probably can't I can try to capture them for her with words and photos and a whole lotta love! You saw the sun set behind the Grand Tetons while playing with your toes and chanting "Da-Da-Da-Da," and  then gave me the privilege of watching the sun rise when you woke up to play with my hair and remind me how lucky I am to be your mom. You hiked, and smiled, and flew, and smiled, and watched us kayak, and smiled. And you got that special flicker in your eye when the flames of the fire ignited. In that light (and in most every light) you looked just like your dad. 

Bike rides past endless fields with weathered faced, friendly farmers. Twinkling lights lining the pines at night. Bug bites that don't matter because you are having too much fun and the IPA's kill the itch. Kind hearted mountain men who teach you where to get the best slushies. Family that greets your Sedona girl with tickles and smiles and admiration for her gigantic, callused feet each morning.

More beauty than this mamma can type. 

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