Sedona's Oasis
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
By LiveinLove Photography
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Over the past few days, I have found myself waddling into what will soon be my daughters nursery.

Kicking off my ratty grey Converse, I prop my feet up on the funky coral ottoman and rest my swollen fingers on my ever growing stomach, observing the chipping polish and deciding I don't mind it. 

You're in there, Sedona Marie. My daughter. And there is a whole world out here waiting for you.

There is a crib for you to dream in, and desert mountains the color of pastel kiwis hand painted by your dad to look over you while you sleep. There is a rose colored rocker where the two of us will sway and sing, and spend many restless nights beneath the fairy tale glow of the birch tree standing proudly in the corner. 

There is a VW bus dresser the color of sunny summer days I begged your dad to help me paint to hold all your future favorite outfits. Your delicate tutus or your favorite grass stained overalls or a rainbow of tie dyed shirts- you will have a style all your own and I know you will blow me away. 

Up on the shelf there's a book your mom wrote for your dad about a Peace Sign Throwing Princess and a Bigfoot who's a Browns fan and how they fell in love. Will you beg me to read it to you on stormy nights when the trees tap your window and the house makes creaking sounds? Will you already know each word by heart?

Walking into your little oasis, my heart swells and bursts with the anticipation of watching you grow in this space. There is magic in every corner. There are memories already fused into the floorboards and the paint strokes and the photos of the faces of all who adore you that will dance above your head while you sleep. I can't wait to make more. So enjoy your time in my tummy little one- there is a beautiful home waiting for you out here. <3 


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The guy who painted those mountains - You're a hot mama