Let The Fun Begin! Riley Renovations
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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What many people don't know, is that aside from photography, writing, and doting on my sweet sweet Sedona girl one of my other great passions is design. Design in all forms. Designing the shot that will make an insecure teenagers eyes glisten with confidence, designing the funkiest and most functional mamma ensemble for a Wednesday afternoon sipping mimosas, or - in this case- designing our new living room! As beautiful as our house was strait out the gate, there is something about making a house your home that is exciting, exhausting, exhilarating- and oh so necessary.

Currently Matt and I are in the process of pulling up the carpet on the first floor to reveal beautiful (if not slightly worn) wooden floors just waiting to sparkle beneath. Working around Sedona's naps, anxiously anticipating that first wail from the monitor when we have to hastily sweep up the progress we have made. Today I finished our idea board- and we have already ordered chairs, rugs, and my absolutely favorite VW wall artwork. It's funny- when I originally imagined this room in my mind I thought: light blue, natural green, wood, white white white. But, of course, anyone who knows me knows the truth. This girl is a sucker for color. A slave to the bright, the bold, the delicious feast for the eyes that is cooked up when you pair the perfect shades and then throw in some tassles. Oh, yes, that is my jam. 

And so, freshly inspired by the rug find the rest of the room fell together. BONUS! I found an adorable vintage table that had been rescued from Matt's grandmothers things that would look gorgeous painted in a mustard shade. Projects on projects on projects- but in the end I am crazy town confident we will have the bright, groovy, Mallory/Matt/Sedona/Reggae oasis that will make me smile each morning as the sunlight pours in through the windows and on chilly fall nights when the fire crackles and dances inside the stoney fireplace. 

Updates to come<3

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